Enrolment Information for 5 year olds

At Murrays Bay school we recognise that to give children the best start in education it is important to ensure that all children are physically and developmentally ready before we introduce them to formal learning. Rooms  thirteen and fourteen are special foundation skills classrooms, where children take part in a programme that prepares children for formal learning.  Once these foundation skills for learning are in place the children are then like sponges, ready to soak up the literacy, numeracy and other learning skills.

At Murrays Bay school we believe it is unfair to ask a child something their minds and bodies are not prepared for – We believe that if a child is first organised physically and mentally, there is a correlated improvement in perceptual abilities and this makes learning and teaching more effective.  Academic tasks in general and specifically the tasks of learning to read and write demand skills in the form of perceptual motor abilities.  For this reason the focus in the transition rooms is on the foundation skills. A weekly letter will inform you what perceptual skills your child is learning.

If your child is new to school this month, he/she will follow a programme of learning the foundations in preparation for the formal learning of literacy and maths. Thereafter, he/she will follow a similar programme to the “older” five year olds.