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Welcome to our Murrays Bay School sports community!

One of the great aspects of school life for students is the opportunity to take part in sport 

Mrs Abbie Sadler
Sports Co-ordinator

Mr Paul Hoffman

Deputy Principal

Mr Hayden Iles


At Murrays Bay School we have a deep understanding about why we do what we do, and strong beliefs around how the sport experience should be for our students.


The research of Crandall (2007) puts forward a strong argument for remembering the reason that it is so vital to keep children’s sport in perspective:


“So, why do children participate in sports? The simple, yet broad answer is that children simply play sports for the enjoyment the activity provides. Hanging out with friends, getting exercise, improving skills and having fun all contribute to the overall enjoyment children have when playing sports and it is important for parents, coaches as well as the athlete’s themselves to always keep the children’s enjoyment a priority. The want to participate in youth sports will then rise and the other perceived benefits of participation in youth sports will soon follow.” Crandall (2007)

Sport is for everyone


Let Children’s sport be about the children – not the adults.


Teach children to play to win – but not at all costs.
Youth sport is about the journey (what they learn), not the destination (winning at all costs).

Fair Play Promise

During their time with us, our students are expected to grow in their understanding that competing means not only striving to win, but conducting themselves in a way which will bring credit to themselves, their families and their school. At the start of the year students will bring home a copy of our Murrays Bay School Fairplay Promise to discuss with you. All students who participate in Mid Bays or After School sport are required to sign the Fairplay Promise along with you, as a commitment to these values.


We appreciate your support in promoting these simple guidelines.

Behaviour of Supporters

Just as we expect our students to conduct themselves with distinction, we expect the same on the sidelines! Children who play sport desperately want to know that you are proud of them on the sportsfield – when supporters forget that children play sport for enjoyment and “get ugly” on the sideline, it is the students who ultimately suffer.

'One Team' Philosophy


Our culture creates a stimulating, supportive and fun environment that allows players to realise their potential by choosing to explore and express themselves on the playing field regardless of age and ability.



ON FIELD: to be recognised as a school renowned for the quality pf its player and coach engagement and development at all ages and across all ability levels.

OFF FIELD: to be recognised as a fun, family-focussed school that people want to be involved with and others wish to emulate.



Standards of behaviour at trainings and games – win, lose or draw:

Positive comments, good sportsmanship, well-presented, team spirit, smiles and having fun, committed and engaged, punctual.

Standards of behaviour to be demonstrated by coaches:

All of the above plus: athlete centered style – age appropriate, well prepared and knowledgeable, organised and supported, effective communication to all.



TRANSPARENCY: open and honest information sharing at all times.

RESPECT: respect for ourselves, our community and our visitors.

EMPATHY AND TOLERANCE: show understanding and patience that allows individuals to grow and learn.

COMMITMENT: to ourselves, the team and the school to achieve personal bests.

Important – Supporters’ behaviour has become a real issue!


We ask for your 100% commitment to help us provide an inclusive and positive sport experince for your children. The expectations of the school are outlined in the “Parent Code of Conduct”.

Not everyone will develop into an elite athlete – not everyone wants to! But all Murrays Bay students will receive the opportunity to develop as individuals across various levels of Physcial Education at our school.

Physcial Education / Sport / Swimming


Students take part in regular activity with their classroom programme.

Murrays Bay compete across a variety of sports with Browns Bay, Pinehill and Pinehurst during the year.


Learning how to successfully prepare for a trial, perform at a trial and deal with the achievement or disappointment of the result of the trial are important skills for aspiring sportspeople. The aim of Mid Bays selection is to take the best team of students available to represent the school with distinction – this includes their behaviour on and off the field as well as sports performance.


In fairness to all, selections are co-ordinated by Mr Hyde and coached by an MBS staff member. In order to create an environment of sporting success and give our students the best opportunity to preform with distinction, parents or outside coaches may be utilised where they have particular skills to offer but only if the school is satisfied that they uphold the values of our school.


Sports available as part of this programme are:


Swimming, Football (Soccer), Netball, Basketball, Hockey, Cross Country, Athletics, Touch


Note: During the year, opportunities may arise for interschool sports – they can include Cricket, Rippa Rugby, Tackle Rugby, Tennis and Badminton, among others.

Coaches, please read …

It is our goal that every student feel encouraged to participate in a positive after school sporting experience during their time at Murrays Bay School. Sport is for everyone!


We are always very grateful to receive parent offers to coach and manage our after school teams. When you sign up to coach our students you are agreeing to uphold the philosophies of the school, and ensure that all students are to be given the opportunity to enjoy sport – whatever their level of ability. Through feedback from the community, it is currently our policy that parents will not be involved in the selection of after school sports teams. many variables can contribute to team placements, and we appreciate those families who support our commitment to creating a fair selection process for all students.



After school teams are more successful and learn faster when they have reliable and encouraging adult mentor.

Murrays Bays School will not register any team without an adult manager or coach.

To be fair to all, in the situation where one is not available, students will be placed into teams on a first-in-first-served basis.

Below is an overview of after school sports available to Murrays Bay School students – please note that depending on the sports fees may cover not only team entry, but often player of the day trophies, practice gear, administration costs and coaching assistance.


Flippaball is an abridged version of Water Polo, and very popular with students who play – in order to enjoy the sport and be fully involved it is very important that you child is a very capable swimmer.

When: Sunday afternoons / evenings, for entire term

Available to: Year 3 – 6 (must be a good swimmer)

Students can register: Middle of each term for the following term

Where: Millennium Institute Pool

Approximate fee: TBA per term


As students play in graded competitions, students are trialled and placed in ability-based teams which may change from term to term.

Year 1 - 4 Netball

Like all after school sports, netball is available to both girls and boys! Our Year 1 – 4 netballers participate in the Kidzplay Netball League. In their earlier years the focus is on involvement and learning the game and each position, with the element of competition increasing in Year 3 and 4.


When: Saturdays mornings

Available to: Year 1 – 4

Students can register: Middle of term 1

Where: Pinehurst School

Approximate fee: TBA per season (lasts for Term 2 & 3) – umpiring fees additional if required.


Year 1, 2 & 3 students are placed into teams based on factors such as what room they are in and social factors. Years 4 students may be trialled and placed in ability-based teams if the number of registrations warrant this.

Year 5 & 6 Netball

In Year 5 players rotate playing positions every quarter, and specialise in particular positions in Year 6. A competitive 2-term league, but thorough grading ensures the opportunity for growth in players of all levels!

When: Year 5/6 (Wednesdays)

Available to: Year 5 – 6

Students can register: Middle of term 1

Where: Netball North Harbour

Approximate fee: TBA per season (lasts for Term 2 & 3) – umpiring fees additional if required.


As students play in graded competitions, students will be invited to trial for a competitive team however all students that register will be placed in a team. The school will endeavour to place similar ability players together.

Year 3 & 4 Miniball

A version of Basketball which allows players an opportunity to learn the game without the pressure of tight full-court defence. An excellent sport for learning team skills and co-ordination.

When: Friday Afternoons

Available to: Year 3 – 4

Students can register: Middle of each term for the following term

Where: Breakers Training Centre

Approximate fee: TBA per term


As students play in graded competitions, students are trialled and placed in ability-based teams which may change from term to term.

Year 5 & 6 Basketball

Fast paced and exciting, basketball is a great sport for promoting fitness and learning how to be a team player.

When: Year 5 Thursday Afternoons

Year 6 Thursday Afternoons / Evenings

Students can register: Start of Term 1 & middle of Term 2

Where: Breakers Gym

Approximate fee: TBA per half year


As students play in graded competitions, students are trialled and placed in ability-placed teams which may change at the end of term 2.


One of the most popular social sports in New Zealand, touch is a fantastic summer sport that is available to all Murrays Bay students.

When: Monday Afternoons

Available to: Year 1 – 6

Students can register: Middle of term 3

Where: Sunnynook Park

Approximate fee: TBA (Competition runs September – December)


A fast paced sport which really improves games sense and hand-eye co-ordination. The playing fee may be higher, but students play on an international class turf at Rosedale Park.

When: Monday Afternoons / Evenings

Available to: Year 3 – 6

Students can register: Middle of term 1

Where: Harbour Hockey (Rosedale Park)

Approximate fee: TBA for season (lasts for term 2 & 3) – umpiring fees are additional if required.


As students play in graded competitions, students are trialled and placed in ability-based teams.



“Why Children Play Sports: A Parent’s, Coach’s and Athlete’s Perspective” – Crandall, Emily Jane (2007)


Also included in this Prospectus:


  • Murrays Bay School Fairplay Promise
  • Supporters Code of Conduct

Murrays Bay School

Fair Play Promise

As a Murrays Bay School Student:


  1. I always do my best at sport. I play by the rules and try to make sure it is for myself and those I am playing with.
  2. When I win I feel proud of what I have achieved, thank my opponent for playing and always remember that they wanted to win too.
  3. When I lose I congratulate my opponent – they did their best and deserve to enjoy winning.
  4. When I draw I know that I have had a close game and that both teams will be trying twice as hard next time.
  5. As a team player I have responsibility to my team mates, to help them do their best and make sure that sport is enjoyable for them too.
  6. I am always grateful to the referees and umpires because without them we wouldn’t have a game! They don’t always get everything right, but neither do I, and they should be respected for the time they are giving.
  7. I remember to thank my coach who has gven up their time to help my team to do the best that we can. A great way to thank them is to LISTEN to them and try to come to all practices!



All Murrays Bay School students have returned this to their classroom teacher before they play in an after school or Mid Bays team for the school


To download a printable version of the Fairplay Promise click here

Murrays Bay School

Supporters Code of Conduct


The essential elements of character building and ethics in sports are embodied in the concept of sportsmanship. We believe the highest potential for sport is achieved through several core prinicipals: trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness and caring.


I therefore agree to abide be the following:


  1. I understand it is my responsibility to make sure my child arrives on time and is picked up on time from all practices and games.
  2. I will inform the coach of any physical disability or ailment that may affect the safety of my child or the safety of others.
  3. I will respect the polices and decisions made by the coach or school and will take time to speak with the coach or school at an agreed upon time and place to discuss any issues.
  4. I will provide support for coaches and officals working with my child to provide a positive and enjoyable experience for all.
  5. I will emphasise sill development and practices and how they benefit my child over winning.
  6. While I may offer assistance to the designated coach, I will refrain from interfering with the coach’s instructions during games and practices.
  7. I will accept decisions of the game officals on the field as being fair and called to the best of said offical.
  8. I will be a positive role model for my child and encourage sportsmanship by showing respect and courtesy , and by demonstrating positive support for all players, coaches and officals.
  9. I will demand that my child treats other players, coaches, officals and spectators with respect.
  10. I will never ridiclue or yell at my child or other participants for making a mistake or losing a competition.


I also agree that if I fail to abide by the aforementioned rules and guidelines, I may be subject to following disciplinary action:


  • Verbal warning by a designated offical
  • Written warning
  • Parental game suspension
  • Parental season suspension