Ka Hikitia


GOAL SETTING ACTION PLAN FOR 2015 – Ka Hikitia (Maori learning as Maori)


SMART GOAL: Deliver the Ka Hikitia programme to accelerate success through the five principles of Ka Hikitia.


Goal One: To ensure all teaching staff continue to consistently deliver the NZ Curriculum  catering to all students and their individual needs and capabilities



Research and share our community maori history(productive partnerships, Treaty of Waitangi)Recording and sharing our story.Understand what the Treaty of Waitangi- what is the importance of this document to us?Murrays Bay history and heritage recorded story.Articulate the significance of the Treaty of Waitangi
Expand and grow on school wide customs and identities(identity language and culture count)Identify a local marae.Whanau groupsSacred/ special places to go within the school.School wide labels- all have english and maoriOffice entrance- carving?

Waiata at assemblies

Official welcoming of guest onto school grounds and new buildings (blessings) Kaumātua

Whanau groups in the school with a shared understanding of what this means.School wide labels up.Explore possibilities into a carving.Official welcoming ceremonies for all visitors and buildings.Acknowledge our Kaumātua and continue to develop this relationship.
Individualising learning for every child to be successful and reach their full potential.(Maori potential approach)Individualised goal setting and building on children’s strengths.Teachers tracking all students’ progress in relation to their ethnicity school wide.Student ownership over personal goals (based on strengths)Tracking student hauora (survey in T1 & T4)
Building a respectful relationships between teacher, student and whanau(Ako- two way teaching and learning process)Encourage all students to share their stories.Invite our whanau groups in to share their stories.Kapa haka group – building on relationships with community groupsMatariki festivalStudents sharing their stories through their strength.Students identify how they learn best.Kapa Haka to have a strong presence within the school and wider community.School wide Matariki Day.


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