Walking School Bus

Walking School Bus


As part of our TravelWise programme at school we encourage you to walk with your children to and from school. If you need to drive, you can use our park and walk zones around our school in Lyons Ave and Saddleback Rise. Help keep the school gate clear of cars so it is safer for everyone. It is recommended that school traffic avoid Aotearoa Terrace during school travel times.

MBS operates a daily Walking School Bus which is a fun, social and healthy way to get to school. If you would like your child to join our bus, please download the attached enrolment form and return to the school office.


What is a Walking School Bus?


It’s an organised group of children who walk to and from school along a designated route, under the supervision of adult volunteers. Children are ‘picked up’ and ‘dropped off’ at specific walking school bus ‘bus stops’.


Walking School Buses (WSBs) reduce the number of cars on the road, making our environment safer adn cleaner, and they provide exercise for kids in a fun and social way.


WSBs are owned and operated by volunteer parents and caregivers, and supported by the school and Auckland Transport.


Funding and support to start up and run a WSB is available.

  • Children enjoy meeting up and talking to their friends.
  • They gain a sense of independence.
  • Friendships develop across different age groups
  • They learn about road safety from a pedestirians perspective
  • They develop a positive attitude towards walking
  • Improve their overall health and decrease obesity levels.
  • Daily excercise can aid academic achievements, as it helps improve concentration, memory and learning.
  • Kids just love the fun, organised activities and resources
  • Enjoy extra free time when you do not have to drop off or pick up your children every day.
  • Get to know the families in your neighbourhood
  • Save on Fuel costs
  • Learn new skills from the optional workshops provided. All workshops have certificates suitable for a CV.
  • Have the satisfaction of knowing that you are helping the schol, your child and other children.
  • Take advantage of the routine exercise walking to school provides.
  • When you leave you will get a certificate that acknowledges your contribution to the WSB.

How do I join a WSB?


Complete the “Expression of Interest’ form and hand it in to your school office.


There is lots of support to set up and run a WSB


* Your local Walking and Cycling Co-ordinator will:


* Assist and support you to set up a WSB.

* Undertake a safety audit of the route.

* Help you apply for the funding.


* Hold regular network meetings and training workshops for volunteers.


* Continue to be a support person.


Pupil Traffic Wardens are supervised by Adult Wardens at the Clematis Avenue and
Aotearoa Terrace entrances from 8.10am to 8.30am and again from 3.00am to 3.20pm daily. All children who need to cross the road must do so under the direction of the wardens. Children who cross Sunrise Avenue must use the pedestrian crossing. Parents are also expected to use these supervised crossings.


Unfortunately we do not have sufficient parking areas in the school and with the increasing habit of parents driving children to school, there is a real concern for the safety of all road users especially around 8.15am and 3.00pm. Drivers are asked to co-operate by not using the school driveway to drop or collect children and to park only where this is legally permitted. The last thing we would want is a child to be knocked over because someone was not prepared to take a little longer and more care.


The turn around area outside the school hall is strictly a “Kiss & Drive” area and is not to be used as a parking area. During peak times in the morning and afternoon there is a left turn only out of the school gate.


Please note that the speed limit around the vicinity of our school during the morning and afternoon peak school traffic times is 40km.