In 2016 Murrays Bay School is running the Feuerstein programme across five classes which cover Years 2, 3, 5 and 6. Feuerstein is the most researched cognitive development programme in the globe with 3,000+ peer reviewed and published research articles. This significant research and published outcomes detail compelling evidence of transformational change in the brain’s ability to regenerate neurons and increase IQ. The basic principle of the Feuerstein Method is that all of us – regardless of our age, disability or socio-economic background – have the ability to significantly improve our level of cognitive functioning and the way we learn. Programmes are targeted to help students from all different educational and societal backgrounds to improve the way they think, learn and analyse. We decided to expand this programme due to the success we had in 2015 after it was implemented by Mrs Rebecca Hall and Mrs Lydia Ries. The feedback from parents, staff and students was amazing and the changes in students thinking was incredible, with the improvement in student achievement speaking for itself. With introducing this programme for a second year, the plan is to evaluate it at a deeper level so that the Board can make informed decisions about how to proceed with training staff in the future. We will be asking for feedback from parents who have students in Feuerstein classes to give us feedback as to how they think the programme has benefitted their children, so if you have a child in one of these classes, we’ll be in touch throughout the year to talk with you. In the mean time, if you have questions about the programme please feel free to contact us in the first instance. Some information on Feuerstein can be found by following this link…. http://www.nzfie.org/  and icelp.info

Below are some comments from students about their learning.

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