Roots of Empathy


Roots of Empathy Goals


We propose to conduct another four classes again in 2016.


  • To foster the development of empathy
  • To develop emotional literacy
  • To reduce levels of bullying, agression and violence and promote children’s pro-social behaviours
  • To increase knowledge of human development, learning and infant safety
  • To prepare students for responsible citizenship and responsive parenting
Roots of Empathy at Murrays Bay School


Murrays Bay School have implemented the Roots of Empathy Program into our school.


Roots of Empathy was established in 1996, in Canada and is an award winning evidence based classroom program that has shown dramatic effect in reducing levels of aggression and violence among school children while raising social / emotional competence and increasing empathy.


Murrays Bay School have certified Roots of Empathy instructors, Liz McCartney and Amanda Murray each classroom every third session. They help children learn about baby’s needs and development and let the children see a loving relationship grow between parent and baby.

2018 Roots of Empathy Babies

Korora LM Baby



Korora TB’s Baby


Ruru JT’s Baby


Ruru KH’s Baby 


Past Roots of Empathy Babies

Room 23’s Baby


Room 15’s Baby


Room 22’s Baby


Room 14’s Baby


Eden's Comic Book made by Room 15

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