At Murrays Bay School we consider it to be an extremely important six year link between preschool and intermediate school in the life long continuum between parents and staff for the educational benefit of your children.

The Auckland City Mission  One Can – Two Can appeal is back and will run from

Monday 20 June – Friday 1 July, 2016.

 Murrays Bay School is supporting this appeal by collecting canned food to help local families in desperate need this winter.Your food donations will be used to fill food parcels that make a huge difference to families in crisis. Please drop your canned goods into the supermarket trolley that is located in the picture book area of the library.

Wig Wednesday

22 June 2016 – Supporting the Child Cancer Foundation

Wear school uniform plus a wig and bring a gold coin donation.

The Child Cancer Foundation is running New Zealand’s first ‘Wig Wednesday’ on Wednesday 22 June and our school will be taking part in this national event.

Students and staff are encouraged to wear a wig and help raise funds for the Child Cancer Foundation by bringing a gold coin donation.

The money we raise will help support Kiwi children with cancer and their families across New Zealand. The Child Cancer Foundation aims to reduce the impact of cancer by offering services that ensure children and their families are supported, informed and connected at every stage of their journey.

Get wiggy with it and make your own wig (download a free template)

MBS Executive Student Government
  • Term 1 – 2 Feb – 15April
  • Term 2 – 2 May – 8 July
  • Term 3 – 25 July – 23 September
  • Term 4 – 10 October – 15 December


We are regularly asked to make recommendations on devices, unfortunately we are unable to do this. All devices have their pros and cons and you will need to decide which one suits the needs of you and your students.

However, we are able to outline a list of specifications that should be considered when making this decision. We have listed this information below and placed it on our website for future reference.

● A device that has a keyboard.

● A device that is a well known brand.

● Avoid a cheaper  processor (has limited working cache memory so cannot do multiple things at once).

● 4GB Ram minimum. We use Google applications which are cloud based, but good memory means the device responds faster with other applications.

● A device that is portable and holds it’s charge (portable battery chargers are an option so that when a device runs out of battery, students can charge them. Then they just need to charge their portable battery each night.

● Preferably a device that is less than two years old.

● A device that has installed a tracking application where possible, in case the device gets lost.

Ministry of Health Wifi Safety information



1. Does MBS have a Strategic Plan for implementing the device classes ?     content/uploads/2015/05/Charter2015.pdf

2. Has the school made any enquiries with computer companies to bulk order devices at a cheaper rate than current retail?

Noel Leeming has a deal with schools that they will charge “Cost plus 10%” if you state

the school your child attends / will attend.  This does not usually apply to Apple products and we recommend that you shop around for the best deal at the time.

3. Can you please advise how the school will ensure that children will not be disadvantaged if parents are unwilling to or unable to purchase a device? Will the school be able to ensure enough devices if a significant number of children across each year are without a device?

The School will provide devices for loan in these situations.

4. I would be interested to know how much time per day the students would spend on their devices?

The teacher will let the student know when it’s okay to use their device. There will be times when it is not appropriate, or when it is not needed for that particular piece of learning.

The teacher has the final say over the use of student devices in the classroom.

5. Is the School teaching touch typing skills?

Great site

6. My child has already been in a BYOD class this year and I’d like to know how the school have quantified the BYOD as a “success”?

Engagement. Reliability of the Network is now excellent. National Standards results have continued to improve.

7. My child is not responsible enough to care for an expensive item such as this.

We ask that students and parents to:

-Charge their devices and download at home.

-Have a strong, robust cover to avoid screen breakage (especially when in storage).

-If parents, as a consequence, need to take away a device at home, could this continue to come to school please, as it would affect learning. We can hold on to it overnight if need be.

-It is very IMPORTANT that parents record the serial number of all devices they allow to be used at school. If the device is stolen at school the serial number is vital to establish a police incident report to establish parents insurance claim.

-It is also important to note that your personal insurance would cover any damage or loss of a device-not the school’s insurance.  While we go to every endeavour to locate any device that goes missing or investigate damage, it is the child’s responsibility to take care of their device.

8. Has the school discussed  with the local intermediates about what type of devices they would recommend? My concern is that we may purchase a device for a year 3 or 4 and then need another device for year 7?

Yes please see recommendations above

9. Cyber Safety

Watchdog filtering service is in place.

N4L Ministry managed Network is taking over filtering 03/12/2015.

Net safe to visit early 2016 for Parent and student info night.

Local Police Constable is coming to speak with parents around Cyber Safety early 2016.

Teachers run digital citizenship program at the beginning of the year.

E-Learning responsible use policy discussed and signed by parents and children.

8:30   Bell rings.
Children may go inside to hang up bags and then go outside to play.  They are not required to be at school at this time.
8:55-11:00     Learning block 1
11:00-11:10    Morning tea eating in class (supervised)
11:10-11:30    Morning tea play outside
11:30-1:00      Learning block 2
1:00-1:10        Lunch eating in class (supervised)
1:10-1:50        Lunch play outside
1:50-3:00       Learning block 3

Students are not to be dropped off at school before 8am, we also have a number who are not collected until quite late in the afternoon.

For the safety of these children we will be delivering them to Carekids,
our on site before and after school care facility.
When this occurs, Carekids will charge parents on a casual basis.
The safety of your unsupervised children on school grounds outside of school times is paramount to us.

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Internet Banking is our preferred method of payment.
Our bank account details are:

ASB Mairangi Bay Branch

Account No. 12 3042 0251645 00

Please note that we require a reference on all internet payments.

Examples of a reference would be:

“Jones Fees”, “Jones Y4 Miniball”, “Jones Readathon”